How To Print Out 360° Photos

360° Photography is a great way to capture a moment and relive that moment in virtual space on your computer or vr headset. But photography started out with something you could touch, a photo that you can hold in your hand, photos of kids, grandparents, enter a start up that will print out your Richo Theta S, and other 360° captures into gypsum at 220+dpi in 2 - 6 inch spheres.

There is something very visceral about holding a picture in your hand and now thanks to you can do that with your best 360° captures Don't have a 360° camera? Scandy can help you with that too, download their app from the android and iphone app stores to begin capturing your very own 360° content today!

#Scandy How To Print Out 360° Photos - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Wondering How To Print Out 360° Photos, Look No Further Than

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